“Whatever gain might be hoped for from a new Constitutional Convention could not be worth the risks involved.”
Chief Justice Warren Burger

With an introduction by a former Utah state legislator, the video, Beware of Article V presents the facts about an Article V call for a Constitutional Convention.  This presentation is specifically designed to help state legislators understand:

  1. The plain language of Article V;
  2. The historical precedent from our nation’s only experience with a federal Constitutional Convention; and
  3. The opinion of legal jurists and Constitutional scholars about the danger of using this method for proposing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Oklahoma State Representatives Charles Key and Dr. Mike Ritze, and State Senator Randy Brogdon warn their fellow state legislators in all 50 states against passing resolutions calling for an Article V amendments convention, commonly referred to as a constitutional convention (Con-Con).   In this video, Beware of Con-Con Calls, they also strongly recommend that state legislators in the 34 states that have not rescinded all previous Con-Con calls, work to pass a Con-Con rescission resolution this year.



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