A Balanced Budge Amendment would require the President to submit and the Congress to adopt only balanced budgets for all federal programs and agencies, except in times of war.  A constitutional convention under Article V of the U.S. Constitution is the method being advocated to introduce this amendment.

Various organizations since the 1970’s have promoted this amendment and method for introduction.

State Year Resolution   Year Resolution
AL 2011 SJR100      
AK 1981 HJR17      
AZ* 1979 SJR1002   2003 SCR1022
AR 1979 HJR1      
CO 1978 SJM1      
DE 1975 HCR36      
FL 2010 SCR10      
GA* 1976 HR469,1267   2004 HR1343
ID* 1979 HCR7   1999 SCR129
IN 1979 SJR8      
IA 1979 SJR1   1999 SCR129
KS* 1978 SCR1661   2011 SCR1601
LA* 1979 SCR4   1999 HCR218
MD 1975 SJR4      
MO 1983 SCR3   2012 SCR18
MS 1975 HCR51      
NE 1976 LR106      
NV* 1979 SJR8   1989 AR20
NH* 1979 HCR8   2010 HCR28
NM 1979 SJR1      
NC 1979 SJR1      
ND* 1975 SCR4018   2001 SCR4028
OK* 1976 HJR1049   2009 SJR11
OR 1977 SJM2   1999 SJM9
PA 1976 HR236      
SC* 1978 S1024   2004 H3400
SD 1979 SJR1      
TN* 1977 HJR22   2010 HJR30
TX 1977 HCR31      
UT* 1979 HJR12   2001 HJR15
VA* 1977 HJR168   2004 SJR194
WY* 1977 EJR1   2010 EJR3
Click here for information on the Ohio BBA Resolution.

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