The National Debt Relief Amendment would require Congress to get approval of a majority of states before increasing the national debt.  A constitutional convention under Article V of the U.S. Constitution is the method being advocated to introduce this amendment.

It is being promoted by an organization called Restoring Freedom.  It has passed in two states:

North Dakota | 045/11/11 | SCR 4007 
Louisiana | 06/23/11 | HCR 87

The NDRA convention resolutions have been either defeated or killed in committee in 5 states: Arizona, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Utah.


1. Renewed Push for a Con-Con
2. NDRA: The New Push for a Con-Con
3. 10 Point Refutation of the Goldwater Institute’s ’10 Facts’

Click Here for Information on the Ohio NDRA Resolution.


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